Through an awareness of light, contrast, movement and design, Greg Kelly creates compositions that capture spontaneity, romance, energy and emotion. Images that intrigue, nothing ordinary.

Drawing on a classic fine-arts education and years of experience in the motion picture industry, Kelly has developed a unique style. Greg Kelly is a master of old-school techniques, a purist.

Although conceptual portraiture of females is Kelly's primary focus, his schedule allows him to photograph a limited number of weddings each year. Believing the ritual of weddings is transformative, Kelly is fascinated by its intensity and inherent art. His images, described as provocative and soulful, combine elements of photojournalistic, commercial and fine art techniques.

Kelly maintains, "There is no take-two in the realm of wedding photography. The challenge is to anticipate and interpret the day as it unfolds."

The personality and believability expressed in Kelly's wedding images are communicated again in his most recent endeavor, Feminie - Photography of, for and about women.

Through explicit interpretations of his subjects, he broadens the stereotypical definitions of beauty, exposing new insights into the complexity, mystery and raw emotion that is the essence of womankind.

Kelly insists, "Technique is learned; creativity is manifested at conception and develops through life experienced."

Greg Kelly, born on an unseasonably warm day in December, the son of a Baltimore City cop and a mother seduced by the glamour of the garment industry. Exposed to blue-collar discipline and Christian ethics, his Irish-catholic upbringing had determined his destiny.

As a student at The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., his creativity was unleashed and recognized. Although he studied still photography, Kelly was drawn by the lure of the movie business. Kelly's film career spanned a period of fifteen years, during which time he was awarded Director of Photography and Cinematographer credits on documentary films for the National Geographic Society, WGBH Boston and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

He later moved into advertising, acquiring Producer and Director credits on more than one hundred television spots, both commercial and political.

Disillusioned by the greed and hypocrisy to which he was exposed in the motion picture industry and the political arena, Kelly began to redefine his career and stimulate his artistic passion by returning to his still-photography roots.

Greg Kelly is a man of vision. He remains true to himself by relentlessly unearthing his philosophies and manifesting his perceptions into concrete art forms.

Kelly's images transport viewers to the quantum realms of soul where beauty is eternal and a moment extends into forever. In his world, it is the emotions that matter; all notions of rationality or practicality simply fade away.

To Kelly, life and art are intertwined. Each exists in relation to the other; subject matter changes, people evolve, but for Kelly, the art is constant. It simply manifests differently.

Kelly's work challenges viewers to reach within themselves and question what they see. To feel. By journeying beneath the surface, viewers gain an expanded view of themselves, the art, and the world.

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